More about Dr. de Kock

Sport Enthusiast & Mental Coach

Dr. Hannes works with a wide variety of professionals and amateurs from different sporting codes. From "freezing" or "tightening-up" on the big moments (like the birdie put, serving for the match or taking the penalty kick), to actively changing one's mood and feeling during the game or match. Those "bad days" on the sporting field can be managed and replaced with more days of being "in the zone". 

Endurance Event Mental Coach

Dr. Hannes is a multiple IronMan 140.6 and 70.3 finisher, and past IronMan All World Athlete. He has studied the science of Mental Toughness, as well as the mechanics of positive self-talk and goal setting in ultra-endurance events and the training leading up to it. Dr. Hannes can help you in your pursuit of excellence.


Dr. Hannes provides supervision to psychologists (Clinical and Counselling) from a psychodynamic perspective. 

He also provides supervision to training psychologists (clinical), psychotherapists and psychiatry registrars. He provides supervision services to students at discounted rates. Please contact us for more information.


Health Insurance


The rates for psychotherapy are in line with health insurance tariffs. Costs for individual therapy may be able to be met through your existing health insurance cover. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your cover.

Dr. De Kock will furbish you with an invoice after the session, which you can pay, and then submit to your health insurer for reimbursement.

In the event where a health insurer rejects or partially pays the consultation due to the unavailability of funds, the settlement of outstanding fees will need to be settled by the patient. Please contact us to discuss options if this should happen.

Private patients 

Please contact us for the 2020 rate of psychotherapy/assessments/ medico-legal work or go to the booking tab to see updated fees.

Private patients may simply perform an electronic money transfer (EFT) and send the proof of payment to Alternatively, fees are payable by either cheque or cash at the time of your appointment. There is no facility for paying by debit or credit card at this time.

Supervision and Students

Special discounted rates will be negotiated with full-time students, intern psychologists, psychotherapists in training and psychiatry registrars in training. Please contact us on for a quote.

Even though it is the liability of the patient to ensure their health insurer plan provides for psychological treatment, our administrative staff will help you where you require guidance or support.

Hannes and his wife Helen enjoy reading, being outdoors, mountain biking, hiking and open-water swimming